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Danny Christie

In addition to holding a Sports Rehabilitation degree from Middlesex University, London, Danny has many years of hands-on experience and personal training at numerous clinics and sports clubs in the UK. His wide-ranging skills have been put to excellent use treating training and rehabilitating elite and recreational athletes at national and regional athletic events from many different fields. His extensive knowledge of soft tissue release, neuromuscular therapy and corrective exercises are all incorporated into his sessions 

Danny re-located to Miami from the UK in 2008 and has gained certifications as a licensed Massage Therapist and Personal Trainer in the US. Danny specializes in movement dysfunction and pain management utilizing mobility exercises combined with hands on manual therapy.

Danny's diligent approach to exercise/therapy ensures the most relevant and carefully tailored treatments are administered all his clients.

Jose Llorens

Birthplace: Miami, FL

Fitness Background: ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer, CPR/AED Certified

Workplace: The Workout Spot (Coconut Grove, FL)

Experience: 5 years


A turning point in the life of Jose Llorens was being introduced into the fitness industry, which continues to create opportunities for this emerging trainer. As an athlete, fitness enthusiast, and personal trainer, Jose has several years of prior experience and admirable knowledge. He acquires a personal training certification from the International Sports Sciences Association, and guarantees his clients they will reach their fitness goals through personalized optimal training regimens, structured nutritional guidelines, and developmental life motivation. Jose specializes on an array of clients whose goals focus primarily on weight loss, body sculpting, sports performance, muscle building, and fitness development. Aside from his training credibility, he has been featured on Muscle and Strength (the #1 fat loss and muscle building site on the Internet), and is currently developing his own motivational fitness site where you can further acknowledge what his character entails. Jose’s passionate desire to assist people in reaching their full potential, physically and mentally, allows him to be distinguished from other trainers throughout South Florida.


"The people who live a fitness lifestyle do it because they enjoy self development, not to judge and scrutinize others." – Jose Llorens

James Goodlatte

James Goodlatte has been a corrective exercise specialist and holistic health coach for more than a decade.  He teaches the "Five Foundations for a Happy, Healthy and Fit Human Being" one-on-one as well as to groups in the Miami area and online around the world.  As the founder of Fit For Birth, Inc., his Five Foundations are re-shaping the way women treat their pregnancy.  As a Master Instructor for the two premier training gyms in America, James is in charge of educating incoming trainers and plays an active role in shaping the new paradigm of personal training and fitness.  

His specialties and biggest passions are expressed in the titles of his three favorite seminars:

“Secrets of True Core Function”

“Using Thoughts to Shape Your Body-The New Epigentic Key”

“Super Baby:  How a Pregnant Mom Nurtures a Happier Healthier Baby”

By learning how to breath, I’m stronger not only in my core, but entire body and have a thinner waist.”

-Danny G.

 “No anxiety since we met…I am dead serious…I swear ZERO anxiety.”

-Sandra O.

“I am excited to use all I have learned from you to help women (and myself!) have a healthy and successful birth.  I feel so lucky to have met you and it has been an honor working with you.”

-Kelsey W.

Yelena Muchnik

Yelena is a results driven personal trainer who specializes in creating individualized plans that focus on health maintainance primarily and the appropriate functional training. For this purpose Yelena applies her extensive knowledge of sports medicine, massage therapy and nutrition specialist education.

Growing up in Ukraine, as an athlete herself, training with the Olympic figure skating team as well as later on practicing soccer, track and field and participating in natural physique competitions, has inspired Yelena to continue as a professional in the health and fitness industry.

As a specialist in evaluating the biomechanics of the human body, Yelena is able to design and coach a highly specific program according to the individual orthopedic history, body capabilities  and most important the desired goals of each client.

Take advantage of this opportunity to utilize a human mirror of 360 degrees. Learn, optimize, maintain.

David Cupp

David S. Cupp has been in Miami 15 years now serving fitness enthusiasts in their fitness goals and needs from Celebrities on South Beach to families in the Grove, Gables, and Pinecrest area.  David is a trainer skilled in everything from basic weight loss to professional athletes. He has proven that he gets results quickly without waiting months to improve. Dave knows the In’s and out’s of fast improvement with long-lasting results.

David started training people when he was in high school and then proceeded to expand his knowledge in graduate school. During his studying biomechanics, Dave also worked with Olympic athletes and learned how to inspire people to improve their overall health. Dave is a high energy, highly motivated trainer that gets you results at The Workout Spot.


Michael Perlett

Michael began his fitness career in 2003 when he enlisted in the U.S. coast guard and became the fitness director for the Niagara Station.  After serving four years in the military he decided to pursue the fitness industry in the private sector.

He is currently pursuing his BS in physical education.  His approach to training is to keep things as basic as possible while focusing on the core, using basic resistance and functional routines and incorporating a lot of stretching.  He believes that it brings quicker and safer results.  He brings a wealth of expertise in exercise and nutrition to his clients and his enthusiasm toward wellness is contagious, which is instrumental in motivating and supporting his clients toward their fitness goals. 

* U.S. Coast Guard Fitness Director, Niagara Station 2003-2008

* NPTI Certified Personal Trainer.

*AS Dutchess Community College Exercise Science.

*BS Florida International University Physical Education – 2014

*American Red Cross – AED/CPR/First Aid Certified.