Meet Amner Pereira​​

Amner Pereira is an Under Armour Combine 360 trainer, and one of the founders of The Workout Spot. With nearly 10 years of experience, Amner Pereira has held thousands of personal training sessions resulting in successful stories. Amner prides himself on his wide range of clientele, consisting of both the elite level athlete to individuals who seek to improve their individual fitness level. Amner Pereira encourages his clientele to live a fitness-oriented lifestyle and not only to challenge their body, but their mind as well to achieve long term goals and improve quality of life. Channeling his passion, innovation, and dedication to a fitness training philosophy, he first establishes a sense of improved personal body awareness. Then, through his positive, yet challenging methods, Amner Pereira's clients gain the confidence needed to reach their goals. Amner is also sought after by major athletic programs to develop sports-specific strength and conditioning routines. He has a unique ability to think ‘outside of the box’ in regards to training for a particular pursuit. As no two people are alike, Amner believes in customized, sports-specific training utilizing functional exercises in combination with state of the art equipment.  He is in constant pursuit of groundbreaking technology in the fitness world to allow his clients to achieve optimal results and is consider a leader in the new generation of fitness professionals. Amner Pereira's creative programs include: Combine 360 Challenges, Acceleration Training, Power Plate Integrated Programs, Functional Training, Crossfit, Sports Specific Training, TRX Training, ViPR Training and Strength & Conditioning.